Bonefish love the TRD HogZ In The Deal Colorway. rigged on 1/5 oz Ned LockZ.

Limits, Limits & More Limits Using The Ned Rig. No Other Rig Can Out Produce This Finesse System.

^ ( TRD CrawZ In Drews Craw Rigged On Lifted Jigs 1/6 oz Red Dirt EWG. )^

^ ( 86 Saltwater Bass + 1 Short Halibut . )^

^ ( TRD HogZ In "The Deal" Rigged On 1/5 OZ Finesse ShroomZ In Pearl. ) ^

^^( TRD CrawZ in "Greasy Prawn" Rigged On Powell Industries Custom SD Ghost Shrimp Ned Jigs. ) ^^ 

^ ( TRD CrawZ In Drews Craw Rigged On Lifted Jigs 1/6 oz Red Dirt EWG. )^

Powell Industries 1/4 Oz Custom jigs Rigged w/ TRD Hogs finding the pigs in Carlsbad Lagoon.

^( FattyZ In Green Pumpkin Orange Rigged On Z-Man Fishing Products 1/5 oz Power Finesse ShroomZ. ) ^ 

^ ( Finesse Bullets 1/6 Oz Green Pumpkin Rigged On TRD CrawZ In The Deal. )^

^(Many Clams make up the majority of a Spotted Bay Bass' diet. FINBAIT is secondary forage.)^


^ TOP & BOTTOM / TRD HogZ Halibut ^

TRD HogZ in "The Deal" producing Bonefish once again. This is pure testament to the power of the Ned rig.

Halibut again inhaling the TRD HogZ in "The Deal" Rigged On 1/5 Oz Ned LockZ.


^ ( Finesse Bullets 1/6 Oz Green Pumpkin Rigged On TRD CrawZ In The Deal. )^


Saltwater Bass limits before breakfast. Culling for toads before lunch. Textbook consistent recipe for a productive day! 

First stop in the morning, was off the main adjacent channel in fourteen feet and produced the first series of Spotted Bay Bass for us. Surface H20 temp 81, Air 79 at 8am. Current helped our kayak drift pattern along with the flood tide down to the feeding grounds. Healthy green eel grass patches were visible in the semi clear turbulent incoming afternoon tide. Winds were minimal out of the NW -10 kn. We were throwing the new TRD CrawZ in "Greasy Prawn" & "The Deal" on 1/5 oz Finesse ShroomZ, 1/4 Powell Industries Custom Ghost Shrimp Ned jigs with VMC 2/0 hooks & 1/4 oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs. ProCure Shrimp for scent. It wasn't much of a solid marine layer in this constant heat wave, however, as the morning haze lifted and sun finially broke a hair, we switched up to the FattyZ in Green Pumpkin Orange. This is a spot on pattern for local SD Ghost Shrimp & a nice UV reactive bait to always have on hand in one's worm bag as is shown on every trip. I will never pump a single live ghost shrimp for a client again, after fooling everything even our Bonefish on them! 

Hop & Bounce retrieve was the ticket the bass found most enticing. End of the day I broke 126# Saltwater Bass majority of which were Spotted Bay Bass. (2) nice California Halibut were also taken on the FishHeadSpin underpins + PaddlerZ trailer combo while blind trolling in-between spots to stay productive. (1) Calico Bass was scored on a Cannibal Crankbait by Fishhead as well while we were in transit to the next spot.

Every single fish we decked, puked up the same 3" sized razor clam shell. My live well 'contents' photo below is another thing to pay close attention to as well. Once the initial shock wears off the bass, they usually go to the bathroom before I release them leaving a interesting trail of their evidence in my live well for further inspection on what to exactly feed them. The Ned Rig! No other finesse rig comes close to the productivity & replicating their natural forage patterns.

Simple & economical, no expensive gear needed, all ages fun for the whole family. Did I mention the Ned Rig is so productive across the board, a fish finder is not even necessary? It's true.



^(Razor Clam Rig: Finesse ShadZ The Deal Rigged On 1/5 oz Finesse ShroomZ jigs.)^

^(Razor Clam spit up by A Spotty. ) ^ 

^( This is a Spotty's face shaved off from eating clams )^.



Species: Spotted Bay Bass, Barred Sand Bass, Calico Bass, California Halibut.

A beautiful orange sunrise broke the marine layer with partly cloudy skies, I allowed the tide to carry me across this diverse fishery for the morning flood. Clarity was a bit off in the almost pea soup color. Out of all the 87 fish caught this day, 9’ was the main noted target depth regardless of current tidal movement. Hop & Bounce, Swing & Glide were the two most heavily used Ned retrieves this session that produced the best results. A rock aggregate sloping run adjacent to a healthy grass table produced a nice twelve bass off an eddy forming early on the glass surface showing the ledge section to stay on target with. 

Electronics: Clarity of water, plankton/vegetation clutter noise was light despite the half-off visibility producing good sonar return signals. Typically shallow inshore Mission Bay with frequent heavy broken eel grass cluttered days, your FF screen will be plenty of noise surface to floor on screen regardless of your sensitivity & fine tuning the settings. Medium grade Shortfin Corvina were busting the smaller 3-6” smelt on surface explosions early morning prior to 8AM into the peak slack. Partly cloudy morning clearing to midday, back to patchy cloudy skies. Boat traffic packed solid all day as usual, heavy Crew training & sailboats/regatta yacht club training and almost got clipped twice before my 9am breakfast. Four cut/broken-off jigs due to close call boat traffic. Steady decent grade of a dozen saltwater bass in the shallower regions (4-8') before hitting the pilings for a half hour which netted me five bass on the west end pins. 

Not a bad day for 87 total for a 7 hour relaxed day. Spit up usual bass forage from the depths: Various clams, mussels, razor clams shells & all.

FattyZ in Green Pumpkin Orange produced a steady haul of bass right at dawn break. They are my go-to San Diego Ghost Shrimp pattern. This is Spotted Bay Bass' candy.

Baits used: TRD CrawZ in Greasy Prawn, The Deal, Draws Craw. / Big TRD: Perfect Perch & Molting Craw. / Finesse TRD in The Deal & Molting Craw. / 1/6 oz Finesse BulletZ in Green Pumpkin.
Lifted Jigs did a custom run for me where they extra powered coated the entire hook shank on the Ned EWG. 
They came out great & the Bass sure seemed to enjoy the Drews Craw TRD CrawZ paired up with their Red Dirt color way. (photo attached.)
Other lures trolling in main channels to stay productive to other feeding basins, grass tables, reefs & docks. Trolled a silent deep diving Sixth Sense Cloud 9 C25, custom crankbait from Fish Head Customs from reef location “C1” to grass table location “C2” that yielded two total: (1) 16" Barred Sand Bass, (1) 19" California Halibut. 1 Oz Caivo UnderSpin rigged with a 6” SwimmerZ in Redbone Glow produced two nice legal Spotted Bay Bass. (All fish safely released.)
1/5 oz Power Finesse ShroomZ in Green Pumpkin rigged with a Grande Bass 5” Airtail Rattler in Smoking Shad which replicates our San Diego Razor Clam, got me two Spottys on this pattern before switching up to the Big TRD in Perfect Perch.

Tides: Sunrise / 6:21AM / Low Tide: 5:37 AM @ .5’ feet. / Hi-Tide: 11:55AM  @ 4.9’ feet. / Low Tide: 5:48 PM  @ 1.4’ feet. / Sunset: 7:17 PM / Hi-Tide: 11:47 PM  @ 4.9’ feet.
Air Temp: In the morning reading said 70º, with the Morning temp being: 74º slightly rising to the Afternoon of: 77º. Day High reached 79º. 
Even though this is In Shore, In Fisherman Sol Lunar Calendar Best for this day said: 1:12A-3:12A / 1:34P-3:34P / 7:23A-9:23A
Winds : WNW 7mph @ 10am. WNW 12 @ 1pm. NW 13mph @ 3pm. Wind Gusts: to 5-7mph. / Baro: 29.95+ rising. / H20 Surface Temp: 81º.
H20 Visibility: 9’ off-green. / Vegetation / Surface Clutter: Very Light through entire water column 0-30'. / Moon Phase: -85% Waning Gibbous.